If you got some time, I got some questions


From my understanding of history, there have always been more question than answers — and today is by no means an exception.  Despite a plethora of incredibly smart search engines that help us find definitions, insightful analysis, different perspectives, and voices from different cultures, we’re not very good at actually finding real answers.

Below are some very generic questions coming out of tech trends and common Internet usage.  Please respond with any reaction – even if it’s “this question is only relevant for 250 people.” Hoping to propose the same questions again later this year and see if common sentiment changes.

Now, don’t cheat and Google, Bing, or WolframAlpha these terms – just follow your best Stephen Colbert gut reaction and illogically voice your opinion (just like any  message board!):

  • Do you agree that large platforms can effectively offer a variety of great quality products? For longer than 5 years?
  • Who do you trust more – cable news or Wikipedia?
  • Fact or Assumption: Most people don’t see the similarity between Twitter and Facebook status updates.
  • In your personal Internet usage, do you prefer flipping through online photo albums or watching brief snippets of video? How about when you’re researching?
  • Close your eyes, it’s 2012 – what mobile phone is dominating the market? iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Pre, or is the marketplace evenly distributed?
  • Again, it’s 2012 – are you paying for a Hulu subscription or cable?
  • When was the last time you engaged in a meaningful conversation with a stranger on the Internet? How about in person?
  • What do you know about virtual currency?

So yeah, fire away below…


4 Responses to “If you got some time, I got some questions”

  1. 1) Yes
    2) Wikipedia
    3) Assumption – In my experience most do. On the contrary, a lot of people think they’re more similar than they are in reality. This trend is particularly true of people who haven’t yet tried twitter.
    4) Photos. Flipping through slides.
    5) Quetzalcoatl. Mostly iPhone and Blackberry. Pre might catch up a bit. I wish the Android would, but I’m not convinced it will. Maybe when we get more devices running Android software.
    6) Neither.
    7) Sometime this week. Regularly on the Internet. Rarely in real life without some context (common friend, house party, etc)..
    8) Like Linden dollars? Nothing.

  2. 2 John

    *Yes. Yes.
    *Video. I don’t use either when researching.
    *iPhone or Android. Strong possiblity of none of the above, especially if you push that out a couple more years.
    *Probably still cable, because change still happens WAYYYYYY too slow, but push that out a few years and probably a service similar to Hulu, but not actually Hulu.
    *Both within the last week.

  3. 3 blm29

    1. yes,yes
    2. Wikipedia
    3. Assumption
    4. Photos, they are more personal
    5. None of the above
    6. Cable
    7. Internet-never, in person – today
    8. Nothing, but if the Fed doesn’t support some how it is toast

  4. Ok Cindy. Just found out you keep a fandangled shiny blog.

    You’re oh so clever aren’t you!? Look at you secretively doing market research under the guise this oh so innocent tech/academic angle.

    Also, don’t you know in 2012 the world is going to enter into the 2nd stage of human’s evolution of consciousness? The Mayan’s told me that. I’m hoping we’re telepathic by then. That would kick all those dumb phones in the ass.

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