Alright Folks, Moving on, Nothing to See Here…


It’s 2009, and it should be off with a bang considering Macworld and CES next week.  Right now, the likes of HP, Dell, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Sony are gearing up for a week of unveilings.  Somewhere in Cupertino, a PR flack is finalizing the last bit of messaging regarding the last keynote from an Apple representative at the internationally renouned Mac focused event.  

However, looking at the “leaked” images of speculated launches one can’t help but wonder, “so, what’s the big deal?”

The unveilings next week at CES are largely speculated to be product upgrades, whether that means making something smaller (LG’s thinnest LCD TV See: Ubergizmo), or a basic server rebranded for the consumer falling for any gimmick (HP’s MediaSmart Server See: Engadget).  While these products have received great reviews, and certaintly are improvements, they aren’t innovated.

More surprising even is the lack of speculation surrounding the Apple keynote at Macworld.  Either Apple’s marketing team is ruling with an iron fist against leaks or there really won’t be any specatular unveilings.  Let’s be frank, most likely it’d be the latter.  

Yes, now is not a time for innovation, but this lack of news coming from argueably the biggest platforms for grand unveilings is troublesome for event conferences.  It’s highly probable that if both CES and Macworld fail to deliver spectacular news, lots people who shelled out the hundreds of dollars to attend will feel angry and cheated.  Already conferences have started to receive criticsm for overpriced sponsorship opportunities, poor management (really, TC50, no Wi-fi? For shame…), and now a lack of interesting news.

One can infer that the lack of news is a consequence of tighening R&D budgets, a lack of interst in conference announcements, and over all economic stress but one thing is certain: no groundbreaking products.

Hoping the lack of products means there will big announcements.  However, my guess is that on Friday people start writing, “Where was the news this week?”  What do you think is going to be the biggest launch/announcement next week?


*My apologies for no particular focus on a singular topic, hey, some of us are still tired from NYE. Oh yeah, Happy New Year!


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